A Cheney Defeat is a Victory for All



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The sculptor supernaturally captures the infamous Cheney sneer

Contrary to the opinions of some, Liz Cheney (R-Wy) was not a champion of the people, nor did she stand up for her “principles.”

In the opinion of Shee-Lilly, the only “principles” Cheney has are ones that support water-boarding and other methods of torture; supporting all wars; and opposing a woman’s right to reproductive freedom.

Liz has the demonic principles of a Cheney: raping the earth for natural resources, destroying nations with indiscriminate murder of civilians, and stealing the money from U.S. taxpayers and foreign (already poor) nations.

As always, Shee-Lilly is not opposed to Cheney crimes because we support Donald Trump. The Cheney family has long and correctly been in the crosshairs of anti-war forces, and leftwing groups and individuals. The embrace of these monsters by liberals and people who hate President Orange Crush, is confusing and ignores recent history and current events.

Please watch this episode for a rational, and PROlitariat version of events.

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