Leadership on the "Left:" Able Servants of Divisiveness?

Soapbox Podcast with Activist Ann Menasche

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This week on the Soapbox, Cindy welcomes lifelong antiwar activist, feminist, and attorney Ann Menasche.

Ann was recently banned from organizing and attending events with Jewish Voices for Peace in San Diego because the group disagreed with some of her social media posts which were gender-critical, and supporting women’s rights, but, which JVP SD called “transphobic.”

Before Ann was kicked out of JVP SD, she had been fired from a job for saying (correctly) that only women could get pregnant, so only women needed abortion services.

Ann is fighting back. She’s exposing the hypocrisy of an organization that has had problems being censored, canceled, attacked, for banning her just for exercising her rights of free speech and expression.

Being as near to a free speech absolutist as possible, even if I didn’t agree with Ann’s views on gender and opposing “extreme trans ideologies” that are aiming to erase women, I would support her right to free speech.

Ann’s website for more info:


Please listen to this podcast.

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