May 7 • 50M

The Lockdown Left v. The Silenced Left

Soapbox Podcast with Dr. Christian Parenti

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For this edition of The Soapbox, Cindy interviews Christian Parenti about his experience of the Covid lockdowns, and his analysis of the harm it has done to workers, working-poor, and other disadvantaged people.

This is Christian’s piece, first appearing in The Grayzone:

How the organized Left got Covid wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind: an autopsy

What I consider a significant paragraph from the article:

“The socialist left, which wants to use state power to discipline capital has instead accepted the negative image of its goal: state power used to bully, harass, and discipline workers. The left’s embrace of Covid hysteria makes a mockery of the left’s goals of planning, industrial policy, economic redistribution, worker empowerment, and environmental sustainability. This leftwing self-harm will have deleterious consequences for years to come. Indeed, the situation is worse than a mere political fumble. The left is now actively helping its own enemies. In its unwavering support for mandates, passports, punitive lockdowns, and censorship, the organized left has sided with technocratic elites, the one percent, and the repressive state apparatus everywhere. “

Article mentioned by Christian in the interview:

First appeared in The Grayzone (Original link)

Why won’t the US medical establishment “believe women”? Covid-19 vaccines do not warn about menstrual disruption

Marcie Smith Parenti·August 13, 2021

Disclaimer: this podcast/blog is the sole, well-researched opinions of me, Cindy Sheehan.

I never mean to offend any good people, but I definitely mean to give people a different perspective from the disgusting imperialists and diseased capitalists on every subject I cover—maybe to engage in conversation? New information and criticism is accepted, and considered. I promise not to take criticism personally, if you don’t take my work personally. I have a global perspective while working in a shared/lived experience in community with others. I have often been wrong, but more often been proven correct.

Here is a meme that someone recently made of me (from a photo that is many years in the past):

I have always been a big fan of “the truth,” but especially have been a diligent seeker of “the truth” since my son was killed in Iraq on April 04, 2004.

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