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"Love the crap out of each other"

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Good morning everybody or good afternoon or good evening or whatever.

This is your friend Cindy Sheehan.

I walk up here almost everyday weather permitting and it's my spot so I'm going to send some videos and and photos of this because I'm calling this thoughts for my spots and in order to rhyme spots with thoughts I'm going to need more than one spot.

Anyway I'm recording this because I really needed some clarity and I do my best thinking when I am walking.

I think the joy of walking and the joy of family has been keeping me sane these past four years.

It wasn't wonderful before 2020, but it certainly got bad after that.

So anyway, yesterday I posted something about the airman Aaron Bushnell who immolated himself in front of the Israeli Embassy in DC and I wish that the Embassy would have caught fire instead of him. 

But anyway, especially since October 7th when Israel has committed full-scale, non-stop genocide on the people of Gaza and

and so I've been really heart sick I haven't really even been able to keep up with what's happening because I see 30,000 Palestinians killed, I see photos and because I don't really think there's anything that I can do about it so I try to educate, raise awareness, convince people that war and genocide are always wrong. So I posted this thing about Aaron Bushnell yestereday and I woke up to 170 comments and a lot of them were in very bad taste, a lot of them were disrespectful and the discourse was disrespectful.

I understand that this is a very heated conversation.

I'm sorry I didn't intend that pun.

But Aaron Bushnell, I think he was misguided and I think he must have had some kind of mental health issue, but, you know, his heart was beating for the people of Gaza and then he stopped it to try and make a difference.

We can only hope this will make a difference but you know we've seen many times in the past personal sacrifice people don't give a shit but a few years before Casey was killed in Iraq, my son, poor Rachel Corey brave courageous Rachel Corey tried to block a bulldozer in the West Bank and they ran over her and killed her.

Still the bulldozers continue to bulldoze people's homes and people's olive orchards, groves whatever you call them

And my son Casey refused the order to go into the battle because he said "I'm just a Humvee mechanic I'm not going to go" and his sergeant literally dragged him on the truck and he was shot in the head a few minutes later I've heard on-site reports from his friends who were there who saw everything that happened.

Still, that war, 20 years later, it's been 20 years almost since Casey was killed, and the war was supposedly ended by Obama in 2009, but that's another one of their disgusting lies.

There's Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Germany: they've all become military colonies of the United States.

Guantanamo Bay ahs been occupied the U.S. since the Spanish American war.

So...I don't have the answer, I don't know what's going to stop the Monsters of War, but I know that in my small community on Substack, sometimes we're not all on the same page, but I always thought we were probably in the same chapter, but it appears we're not even in the same book, some of us, or even on the same shelf in the Libary.

And one another thing that really bothers me if you can't tell the difference between a Zionist and somebody who happens to be Jewish then I don't know what's wrong with you because I have or had before COVID dozens of friends who were Jews who were in the anti-war, peace community and they fell for the Covid lie so they kicked me to the curb, I didn't kick them to the curb.

But before that, they were against Israel, they were pro-Palestinian, and they were important voices.

Some of our most important voices like Norman Finkelstein are Jews and anti-Zionist and my good friend Daniel Ellsberg who passed not too long ago was an anti-Zionist Jew.

I'm anti-Zionist, I'm anti-Israel.

I believe Israel is an apartheid, illegal entity.


I think they need to be stopped but I also know that I live in an enormous country that harbors terrorists and most of them are in Washington DC or on Wall Street in the banks in the war machine in the Pentagon so those are our enemies and those are who we need to turn our anger and approbation against, not each other and we're only going to get out of this if we show each other peace and love.

So, those are just my thoughts from my beautiful spots.


The weather has been very nice lately, but

It's gonna turn.

Those hills are called the Vaca Blues.

I don't know what their real name is.

But when you're coming east (it's really West, though--C) on 80 from Sacramento towards Vacaville, they do look blue.

They might get some snow this weekend.

We're gonna get like 10 feet of snow in the Sierras and we had snow here last year on these hills it was absolutely beautiful.

So I suggest everybody go for a walk get some fresh air if you can go someplace beautiful and just love each other.

Just love the crap out of each other.

Peace out.

Love you.

That’s just a few thots from my spots.

What do you think? (Play nice).

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