How do we bridge the gap?

We concentrate on the things that unite us. Quick story.

In my experience HOA’s are a microcosm of politics. They appeal to the very last people who should be allowed to run them. Narcissistic, power loving, authoritarian wannabe’s.

The HOA board in my community had acquired a fine collection of these. In 2018, sick of them, I joined the board in the hope of bringing a more realistic perspective, that I felt certain most of the community shared with me. They hated me and tried several times over the year to out me. In 2019, I planned a coup. I went door knocking. It was amazing how many people instantly wanted to associate our community issues with the board consisting of “Trumpers” or “Libtards” depending upon their TV propagated biases.

I quickly learned to bring the topic onto community matters that directly affected us all like the condition of our roads, that we were adults and didn’t need ruling as if we lived in a correctional facility and not a community, etc.

Everyone I spoke with agreed with me. I was able to collect enough support and votes to enable a (new) board to be elected (not automatically resume control) in the communities history.

It was a small success but it was an education for me and a great reminder that I F we can get off the divisivenesses intentionally created in National politics that we really do have a lot more in common than we don’t.

So, point being is I believe we can do this on a National political scale. We concentrate on the subjects that unite.

#1 has to be “Get money out of politics”.

#2 “transparency “.

#3 “accountability “.

It will require a new movement. I don’t know enough about Andrew Yangs ForwardParty yet but maybe it is still young enough to be shaped?

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Jun 8, 2022·edited Jun 8, 2022Liked by Cindy Sheehan

This is awesome. Cindy, you are a real hero and you are very consistent in speaking out for what is important. I 've also watched as liberals I've marched with have turned into pro-establishment zombies whenever the Democrats get into power. Even when Trump was in office, a lot of faux liberals fell in love with the CIA and FBI. It's really sad. and I think that people are showing who they really are right now. What kind of person deserts family and friends over choices as to what goes in their bodies? I wish more people would stand by the values they once professed to hold. Thank you for being you and for being such an inspiration.

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Jun 8, 2022Liked by Cindy Sheehan

Great conversation about how easily the masses are manipulated and how frustrating it is for those of us that see this happening and know the dangers lurking in every piece of media propaganda pushed 24/7. While I've lost 99% of my family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and activist friends, I've picked up others who DO see the larger picture and many are from "political" spectrums I'd never thought I'd have anything in common with or align with. Basically, the last 2 years have weeded out the weak and impressionable non-thinkers, and helped me to "see" others (whom I might have cast aside - maybe because of dogmatic religious principals) to join forces with them in pursuit of the education they afford me and I them. I don't have to agree with everyone, and I rarely, if ever, do; but I can push aside the 10% to 15% that I don't agree with as long as their principals are solid, strong, and passionate. I have also learned that people are afraid to speak up. But now, more than ever, is definitely the time to do so. We need voices of reason, like Cindy and Mickey.

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I don’t have a solution but did want to share:

I respected and admired Mickey Z back when he was doing his OWS activism. Then he suddenly and drastically changed and lost my respect when he was screaming that we all needed to vote for Hilary Clinton in 2016. This “blue no matter who” stance was so odd and off character I was profoundly confused! I always knew you two had a great working relationship and wondered how you were reacting to his about face. Sad to hear you guys also had a falling out (though not surprised - you’ve always remained so consistent Cindy), but I’m glad to see you’ve re-formed your alliance. I’m also glad to know that Mickey Z is back!

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