RFK Jr's run is a curiosity, and I wonder who put him up to it? There is an air of Old Time Religion about him, a kind of born-again energy, that reflects the messianic streak in American politics, and kind of explains his wacky embrace of Zionism. To the extent that he runs his Campaign like a Revival, I think he stands a snowball's chance (Kucinich is probably an even more religious fellow). Not that it matters which face shows up in the Oval Office, but if Biden gets the boot, all bets are off.

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I loved (OK...so "loved" may be a bit too "nurturing.") reading the snippet from the New York Crimes. You might be interested in this article about the corruption of the main scream media that goes back waaaaay further than I ever thought. Silly rabbit, I thought it was a relatively recent thing. It's been going on since the end of WWII. Most likely before WWI, what with the "yellow" "journalism" and all that.


Somebody will have to redefine "journalism" because it sure doesn't exist in this banana republic!

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He is close to the establishment. But that gives him an edge in exposing the corruption that came about after his indoctrination.

I see the same with medical dissidents. They still believe in SSRIs and statins, but they question official COVID treatments etc.

They are the ones that still can reach their brainwashed profession, much like Kennedy.

I also see that there's something odd going on which makes me think that there's multiple factions that are bailing on the medical lockdown state paradigm that was originally a sure bet to them, as they participated in it. Perhaps they see the writing on the wall and don't want to be a part of it anymore, because they don't want to lose more trust?

CNN even challenged fauci on the masks bullshit!

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The Democrat primary system is so corrupt you don’t even need to investigate it.

Just look at it and the corruption shines out like a star.

I considered switching parties to vote for him. He would be the first democrat to get my vote.

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RFK Jr is a conundrum. He was a breath of fresh air (The Real Anthony Fauci), and then he dove deep into the Zionist rabbit hole. Sabby Sabs (Sabrina Salvati) has done some nice work recently exposing the DNC for the Corporate creeps they are. I think "Bobby's" on one of those mystical vision journeys that would have got some funding for the movie about it years ago. Arthur Penn might have directed that movie, even though his son Sean is a coke-head imbecile (just wanted to scootch that comment in there). And not to go overlong here, which I already have, But why are no celebrities getting on the RFK Jr train? It's a pretty obvious one to get on if you've got a Boarding Pass...

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Here is another argument pro RFK Jr and his run for POTUS...not a great argument but the comments disagreeing with the writer are excellent and thoughtful

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It will be interesting to see what trends actually do happen among VOTERS in 2024 primary and general elections. There was an entire movement to register Democrats as Republicans for the 2016 GOP Primary to nominate Trump. I see the same trend being discussed in reverse on social media for RFKjr. Of course if /when there is no free and fair DNC Primary, then it will be really interesting to see if RFKjr goes Independent. Anything to keep him as a public speaker as long as possible is ok with me, because they will censor him again as soon as the election is over.... unless he does an upset like Trump and wins!!!! It was pretty obvious the establishment and media thought Hillary was a sure thing. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/newsweek-recalls-premature-hillary-clinton-madam-president-issues-w449631/

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