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Yup- that same, old, bullshit. Dimocrats will always tell you 'we'll hold their feet to the fire' once they are elected. Of course, this has NEVER happened! Ever.

'Battle Biden'? Not a chance. Yet again- I am stunned more by the supporters of these losers than by the losers themselves. Why? Because- incredibly- they have agency and influence. They are mostly has-beens; their backing of Biden is a dead giveaway. They have significant following in the liberal world.

(Btw- I have not come across the letter you mention so I can only imagine who the signers are. Mentioning that crusty, old gasbag Chomsky does give me a clue, however.)

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Well done! These are the same intellectual giants who love to ignore history and context. How many of these “lesser evil” toddlers knew what the Crime Bill was? Clarence Thomas? Gutting Glass-Steagall? Voting for every war we’re in? They don’t. They can’t even connect the Crime Bill to today’s prison issues. But… But …Trump is mean!

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The other thing connected to the "lesser evil" argument that drives me crazy is the "A vote for X party is a vote for Trump". Or "A third party vote is a wasted vote".

All a part of the conditioning.

The truth is "A vote for the Duopoly is a wasted vote".

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Another great article.I had heard Chomsky many times. I used to like him but when he said he believes the JFK assassination story and recently the 9/11 story I could no longer trust

anything from his mouth.

I tell people when I say I am voting 3td party that I am not throwing my vote away it is the ones who vote for lesser of 2 evils because I vote for the people and peace and you vote the staus quo

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Damn, I could have written this myself—wish I had.

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The media sure missed Trump, huh?

Vote 3rd party?(!)

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