My bull-shit meter has been in its now default pegged position since surviving Vietnam.

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Many of these lies are not so obvious, however given that the lies of 9/11/2001 are founded upon things that clearly violate the laws of physics, why is it not obvious to ALL people?

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Well, If you told people that, it would be a tough pill to swallow. So tough that most people choke on it. The distress that arises with the growing realization of the pervasive lies is too much to bear.

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Well, truth is: The Palestinians’ inalienable right to resist

We remembered all the miseries, all the injustices, our people and the conditions they lived, the coldness with which world opinion looks at our cause, and so we felt that we will not permit them to crush us. We will defend ourselves and our revolution by every way and every means.

--- George Habash (1926-2008)

A freedom fighter learns the hard way that it is the oppressor who defines the nature of the struggle, and the oppressed is often left no recourse but to use methods that mirror those of the oppressor.

------ Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Truth is:

Ed Horgan, is a Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War. He is based in Ireland. Ed retired from the Irish so-called Defence Forces with the rank of Commandant after 22 years service that included peacekeeping missions with the United Nations in Cyprus and the Middle East. He has worked on over 20 election monitoring missions in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Asia, and Africa. He is international secretary with the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Chairperson and founder of Veterans For Peace Ireland, and a peace activist with Shannonwatch. His many peace activities include the case of Horgan v Ireland, in which he took the Irish Government to the High Court over breaches of Irish Neutrality and U.S. military use of Shannon airport, and a high profile court case resulting from his attempt to arrest U.S. President George W. Bush in Ireland in 2004. He teaches politics and international relations part-time at the University of Limerick. He completed a PhD thesis on reform of the United Nations in 2008 and has a master’s degree in peace studies and a B.A. degree in History, Politics, and Social Studies. He is actively involved in a campaign to commemorate and name as many as possible of the up to one million children who have died as a result of wars in the Middle East since the first Gulf War in 1991.



And crocodile tears Friday for Murder Incorporated mercenaries in uniform?

From David Vine’s The United States at War:

A list of wars (italic) and of military combat that for some reason isn’t called a war (non-italic) that does not attempt to include every war and combat against Native Americans:

1774-1883 Shawnee, Delaware

1776 Cherokee

1777-1781 Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee)

1780-1794 Chickamauga

1790-1795 Miami Confederacy

1792-1793 Muskogee (Creek)

1798-1801 France

1801-1805 Tripoli

1806 Mexico

1806-1810 Spanish, French privateers

1810 Spanish West Florida

1810-1813 Shawnee Confederacy

1812 Spanish Florida

1812-1815 Canada (Great Britain)

1812-1815 Dakota Sioux

1812-1815 Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee)

1813 Spanish West Florida

1813-1814 Marquesas Islands

1813-1814 Muskogee (Creek) Confederacy

1814 Spanish Florida

1814-1825 Pirates

1815 Algiers

1815 Tripoli

1816 Spanish Florida

1817 Spanish Florida

1817-1819 Seminole

1818 Oregon (Russia, Spain)

1820-1861 African Slave Trade Patrol

1822-1825 Cuba (Spain

1824 Puerto Rico (Spain)

1827 Greece

1831-1832 Falkland Islands

1832 Sauk

1832 Sumatra

1833 Argentina

1835-1836 Peru

1835-1842 Seminole

1836 Mexico

1836-1837 Muskogee (Creek)

1838-1839 Sumatra

1840 Fiji Islands

1841 Samoa

1841 Tabiteuea

1842 Mexico

1843 China

1844 Mexico

1846-1848 Mexico

1847-1850 Cayuse

1849 Turkey

1850-1886 Apache

1851 Johanna Island

1851 Turkey

1852-1853 Argentina

1853-1854 Japan

1853-1854 Nicaragua

1853-1854 Ryukyu, Ogasawara islands

1854-1856 China

1855 Fiji Islands

1855 Uruguay

1855-1856 Rogue River Indigenous Peoples

1855-1856 Yakima, Walla Walla, Cayuse

1855-1858 Seminole

1856 Panama (Colombia)

1856-1857 Cheyenne

1857 Nicaragua

1858 Coeur d’Alene Alliance

1858 Fiji Islands

1858 Uruguay

1858-1859 Turkey

1859 China

1859 Mexico

1859 Paraguay

1860 Angola

1860 Colombia

1862 Sioux

1863-1864 Japan

1864 Cheyenne

1865 Panama (Colombia)

1866 China

1866 Mexico

1866-1868 Lakota Siouw, Northern Cheyenne, Northern Arapaho

1867 Formosa (Taiwan)

1867 Nicaragua

1867-1875 Comanche

1868 Colombia

1868 Japan

1868 Uruguay

1870 Hawaii

1871 Korea

1872-1873 Modoc

1873 Colombia (Panama)

1873-1896 Mexico

1874 Hawaii

1874-1875 Comanche, Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa

1876-1877 Sioux

1877 Nez Perce

1878 Bannock (Banna’kwut)

1878-1879 Cheyenne

1879-1880 Utes

1882 Egypt

1885 Panama (Colombia)

1888 Haiti

1888 Korea

1888-1889 Samoa

1889 Hawaii

1890 Argentina

1890 Lakota Sioux

1891 Bering Straight

1891 Chile

1891 Haiti

1893 Hawaii

1894 Brazil

1894 Nicaragua

1894-1895 China

1894-1896 Korea

1895 Panama (Colombia)

1896 Nicaragua

1898 Cuba (Spain)

1898 Nicaragua

1898 Philippines (Spain)

1898 Puerto Rico (Spain)

1898-1899 China

1899 Nicaragua

1899 Samoa

1899-1913 Philippines

1900 China

1901-1902 Colombia

1903 Dominican Republic

1903 Honduras

1903 Syria

1903-1904 Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

1903-1914 Panama

1904 Dominican Republic

1904 Tangier

1904-1905 Korea

1906-1909 Cuba

1907 Honduras

1909-1910 Nicaragua

1911-1912 Honduras

1911-1914 China

1912 Cuba

1912 Turkey

1912-1933 Nicaragua

1914 Dominican Republic

1914 Haiti

1914-1919 Mexico

1915-1934 Haiti

1916-1924 Dominican Republic

1917-1918 World War I (Europe)

1917-1922 Cuba

1918-1920 Russia

1918-1921 Panama

1919 Dalmatia

1919 Turkey

1919-1920 Honduras

1925 Panama

1932 El Salvador

1941-1945 World War II (Europe, North Africa, Asia/Pacific)

1946 Trieste

1947-1949 Greece

1948-1949 Berlin, Germany

1950 Formosa (Taiwan)

1950-1953 Korea

1953-1954 Formosa (Taiwan)

1955-1975 Vietnam

1956 Egypt

1958 Lebanon

1962 Cuba

1962 Thailand

1962-1975 Laos

1964 Congo (Zaire)

1965 Dominican Republic

1965-1973 Cambodia

1967 Congo (Zaire)

1976 Korea

1978 Congo (Zaire)

1980 Iran

1981 El Salvador

1981 Libya

1981-1989 Nicaragua

1982-1983 Egypt

1982-1983 Lebanon

1983 Chad

1983 Grenada

1986 Bolivia

1986 Libya

1987-1988 Iran

1988 Panama

1989 Bolivia

1989 Colombia

1989 Libya

1989 Peru

1989 Philippines

1989-1990 Panama

1990 Saudi Arabia

1991 Congo (Zaire)

1991-1992 Kuwait

1991-1993 Iraq

1992-1994 Somalia

1993-1994 Macedonia

1993-1996 Haiti

1993-2005 Bosnia

1995 Serbia

1996 Liberia

1996 Rwanda

1997-2003 Iraq

1998 Afghanistan

1998 Sudan

1999-2000 Kosovo

1999-2000 Montenegro

1999-2000 Serbia

2000 Yemen

2000-2002 East Timor

2000-2016 Colombia

2001 – Afghanistan

2001- Pakistan

2001- Somalia

2002-2015 Philippines

2002- Yemen

2003-2011 Iraq

2004 Haiti

c2004- Kenya

2011 Democratic Republic of the Congo

2011-2017 Uganda

2011- Libya

c2012- Central African Republic

c2012- Mali

c2013-2016 South Sudan

c2013- Burkina Faso

c2013- Chad

c2013- Mauritania

c2013- Niger

c2013- Nigeria

2014 Democratic Republic of the Congo

2014- Iraq

2014- Syria

2015 Democratic Republic of the Congo

c2015- Cameroon

2016 Democratic Republic of the Congo

2017- Saudi Arabia

c2017 Tunisia

2019- Philippines

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I recall a study during Reagan's term about trusting official sources (AKA professional liars).

The study found that the more people watched mainstream media, the less they knew about US war crimes.

It just got worse since then.

"War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength."

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Oh...OUCH! Is that cognitive dissonance giving me the migrane? Poor me!! I better take some meds to ease that CRUSHING brain-pain! ...wimpy cop-out! The old saying, "no pain, no gain" is relevant to the self-neurosurgery needed to grow into a fully cognizant human which is necessary for basic survival in the many versions of Meat-Head Realities we've all been manipulated into, like a lump of marinated meat and divided/chopped into smaller versions by psychopathic Benihana-like hibachi chefs. The pain is temporary but excruciatingly painful too see the truths , so painful many will reach for the wrong pill. Unfortunately, it will be thousands of times more painful to ignore those truths. If you are strong enough, the pain will subside...you will then be able to develop the skills to learn-fight-survive-thrive-protect! All the skills we have been mind-controlled to not look at, from birth. Right now, crucial organs are being removed using sophisticated psyop-methods on our children!! Our CHILDREN, for Christ's sake!! Testicles, penises, female organs and more that are crucial for continuing humanity and that produce chemicals needed to give strength to avoid that boot, being manufactured now, individually designed to stomp on our faces, forever. Arise! Yes, scream in pain...then channel the anger that will replace the pain with a heightened, enlightened thought process that can develop solutions, even if its just monkey-wrenching with the machinery. Solutions, conjured in parts of our brains that have been suppressed for many decades, possibly longer. Remember, when you finally open your eyes, "they" are ready for the knee-jerk anger that cannot be expressed with violence. For a "contemporary" understanding of these psychos, mad-scientists, controlled-enablers and such, read (currently for free at the archive.org link below) Walter Bowart's, "Operation Mind Control" published in 1978, dedicated to those who are obedient to authority. May they follow in the path of Daniel Ellsberg, L. Fletcher Prouty, Victor Marchetti, John Marks, and George OToole, become responsible, and break free from the chains of command.


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"Round-Up," a Monsanto, now Bayer, herbicidal product, 100%. I just wrote a piece on "Substack" about "Disinformation," which was something I needed to get off my chest--or out of my Head. Your catalogue (Once upon a time there were "Catalogues," especially by Sears) really covers the bases of the Mendacity Machine we pretend is a Government, with mainstream media minions megaphoning in tow. Such a large Barge! The tide might be turning around Gaza, unless the Armageddon Virus doesn't strike us all down first...

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Once upon a time, you had to tell a lie 10 times before it started to be accepted as a fact. Now, if you expose a major truth, then your life is made miserable (e.g. Julian Assange) or, if it´s a simple truth (e.g. from either climate catastrophe or nuclear war we are on the brink of self-extermination) then you´re regarded as a conspiracy theorist... doG bless ameryucka

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It's true! Most everything they say IS false!

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Happy Fucking Murder Incorporated Day -- Friday off for the banks, USPS, but trauma and hell on parade 24/7, 365 for decades.


US Veterans throwing their medals at NATOs front gates. Standing in solidarity with people in the Middle East.


Wimps, every military person who follows ORDER. I know who these dudes and dudettes are. My old man, 32 years in two branches of disservice, and medals galore. I have that less than honorable separation from one branch for NOT following orders, man. I went in to learn how to build their weapons as a socialist, but military is mush, man.

Ironically, I have taught at military compounds, including the NCO Academy in El Paso Texas/BIggs Field. Been around tons of military as a college teacher, journalist.

Ironically, I ended up working with homeless and drug-booze induced vets.



Shame on them for accepting medals in the first place. But at least they are seeking some redemption.

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Reality: BEAR WITNESS and rail and fight and scream and do something against the system, the 20 Percent, those in USA who control 92 of "wealth," No, we are the 99, but we are the Eighty Percent. Billionaires and CEOs and multimillionaires need the Eichmann's, so the One Percent only thrives with their generals in the Five Percent and their Dream Hoarders in the 15 Percent.

We are useless eaters, breeders, thinkers, learners, defecators, sleepers, blinkers, doers, dreamer, man, to the 20 PERCENT. Just more fodder for their Internet of nano-biologics of THINGS.

Things, man, that's what we are. Not even Soylent Green, man!


Resilience to Traumatic Stress: When the Body Keeps the Score with Bessel van der Kolk, MD


Or, live:


LIVE - Gaza, Hezbollah, Iran & Regional War: Prof Marandi & Richard Medhurst

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Ahh, Cindy, take a look at this: Caitlin Johnstone banned me. You know, Substack, whereupon I can't comment anymore.


David ROvics did the same thing.

Hoping your skin is thicker than the censors out there, the oh so "left" people who just go on and on and on with their godammned angst.



It's not skin of my teeth, but still, imagine that: And, I will definitely stop reading her gig-so sad comments. Always surprised, Caitlin is, about the Main Scum Media and their depiction of the world, of the wars, of our lives, the 80 Percent.

Adios, and boy, I recall interview Bush, when he was guv, when I asked him about immigration and colonias and other issues, and he just came back with a fucking shit answer and snide remarks. The other journalists I was with just kind of gave me a look of -- "How dare you ask so bluntly this guy's take, and then follow up with his shit answer with more questions." I wouldn't let it go, and Bush just laughed an talked about getting some enchilladas in El Paso, where I was reporting.


Yeah, cancel culture way before the cool trend! Fucking 1990s. Now, 2023? Caitlin Johnstone has had it with me. Freaks.

It was something Bush, then governor of Texas, said to a reporter during his first presidential campaign. The reporter in question was Tucker Carlson—hardly a hostile figure—and Carlson reported it in Talk magazine in 1999. It was about Karla Faye Tucker, a convicted murderer whose execution Bush, as governor, had refused to stay. Here is what Carlson wrote (as quoted in National Review, another source hardly known to be hostile toward Republicans):

In the week before [Karla Faye Tucker’s] execution, Bush says, Bianca Jagger and a number of other protesters came to Austin to demand clemency for Tucker. “Did you meet with any of them?” I ask. Bush whips around and stares at me. “No, I didn’t meet with any of them,” he snaps, as though I’ve just asked the dumbest, most offensive question ever posed. “I didn’t meet with Larry King either when he came down for it. I watched his interview with [Tucker], though. He asked her real difficult questions, like ‘What would you say to Governor Bush?’ ” “What was her answer?” I wonder. “Please,” Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, “don’t kill me.”

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Their day will come...if they don't kill us all first.

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I tend to think like you do. Just not as well. Keep up your excellent work.

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