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I don't go to church, but it appears to me that pretty much all the churches in this country stay totally silent about war. In fact, when I talk about the evils of war to my relatives who do go to church, they just look at me like I'm crazy and have nothing to say. I once asked a friend if her minister ever talked about war in church. She said no, because he didn't want to offend anyone who might be pro-war. How sick is that??? I think that if a large number of churches would hold anti-war protests, it would at least bring it into people's consciousness. But that's only if they could get enough members to participate, and the protests would get any media coverage at all, both of which are doubtful.

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All true and worse today than it was then. I'm having to take a morsel of joy from this originally being published on my birthday, to distract myself from the real content.

I was thinking today of how we are being institutionalized by the very societies we live in. Conditioned by propaganda, to accept what we are told and to question nothing. The sheer scale of the lies is so vast, it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by it. The worse thing for me is, that the more you become aware, the more you understand that you are only scratching the surface.

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Ever notice it´s always```33 Billion`` - it´s that Magic Number, 33. Club 33 @ Disneyland. Your Words Cindy, somehow makes me think that probably all Rebellions were led by Grandmothers. I don´t know why I think this (it´s a very Hollywood notion) but even if it is Poetic, it can still be true. (they act somehow to make it happen, right before when the babies are about to be eaten)

3 Years of Covid-1984 Makes me think they Isolated & Killed the Grand-Parents, first, so there are not so many (who will bother) to stop them from Injecting the Computer-Mothered Genetic-Code Murder Nanoparticulates into the Children? And Yet, Henry Kissinger Lives. (I bet he´s Up-To-Date). Very Peculiar, no one had a Funeral/Memorial for Rummy. (what, does Madeleine get all the Love?) If anyone has any Intel Photo Evidence of any Rumsfeld Funeral/Memorial/Tribute I´d love so see it.

(and Pic #1 of Lady Ghislaine in USA Custody, please!``)

My Conspiracy Theory: is that Rummy isn´t dead, but Reported to his Continuity of Government Bunker @ZorroRanch -the central-infrastructure of the @BabyBotBirth COG Re-Population Plan. (hence the Epstein NM Fertility-Ranch cover-story) Rumseld & Chaney must have a ``Re-Popultion`` Section in any good ``Continuity of Government Plan`` (worth the name).

That´s why, a-ha!, they had to get-rid of Roe vs. Wade, not to End Abortion but to remove the Only Legal Precident standing-in-the-way of: Forced-Abortion, Forced-(BabyBot)Birth & Forced-Injection (with whatever Killer-Concoxtions is Convenient for Goverment & Market).

Rummy @ZorroRanch wanted roeVwade gone because he doesn´t want any smartalec-backtalk when he´s Live-birthing the Repopulating Persons, the ``Ones``, which can (no-doubt) stand the Rediation-Poisoining of their Post Nuclear Holocaust Democracy. Some Ones to till the land & plant the seeds, to brin a new age of PLENTY. There will be Plenty.

Kissinger/Biden: ``meh, Let´s give ém WW3`` -release the story-board bots!

Hollywood Reporter is tweeting that some ``ONES`` will be Live-birth by A-Listers like Chelsea Clinton, Barbara & Jenna Bush, and Kate Blanchett

Anyone who wants a beautiful DRONE TOUR of Zorro Ranch, you can see the Bunker, bright as an Alien Landing Pad (so to speak). Shout-out to J Wilderness who puts out a really interesting compilation video each week worth waiting for, but who has seen the beautiful Zorro Ranch before so up-close & panoramic? (No FBI, that we know of). I think Rummy could be very comfortable here while waiting to release the launch-codes. (almost as nice as The Greenbrier) https://rokfin.com/post/86780/Jeffrey-Epsteins-New-Mexico-Ranch

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Twelve years have passed since you wrote these words, and nothing has changed for good. We live with a USA war machine out of control, run by run by people whose names are not on the ballot. The MIC owns the politicians; there are MIC operations in every Congressional district. I officially left the Dem Party in 2011, thanks to Obama, a shitty Dem NY governor, and shitty Dem mayor in my city and went Green. but most of them turned Dem to make sure Trump was defeated. I sat out this election, because voting does not matter. It is just changing one set of faces in high places for another, but the policies of war, imperialism, capitalism, and oppression of the poor and working class never change. I want to join a revolutionary cell and stop the machine. But of course, if they exist, they are too far underground for me to find. What is to be done?

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Well said.


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,,,,,Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ):

He has called on Washington to cut foreign aid to Ukraine, which he argued is being used to fund a conflict that the US should have "no involvement in."

,,,,,Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA):

"If Republicans retake the House, not another penny will go to Ukraine. The US government should focus its military efforts on drug cartels instead of obsessing over Russian President Vladimir Putin" She accused the Democratic Party of prioritizing their proxy war against Russia over the problems in the U.S.

Should us anti-war types send them a ''Thank you'' ??

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