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Three things that more of the public needs to know:

1. Black box voting machines and scanners have made our elections a SHAM for many many decades. There are other ways our votes are rigged, but this is the major way - see the 2006 documentary Hacking Democracy and read the 1992 book Votescam (still available on eBay and Amazon) by James and Kenneth Collier. Both criminal gangs at the top are totally in on this! We will need to boycott elections so we remove "the consent of the governed", which can make government crumble.

2. Corrupt greedy sociopaths have been doing a massive EMBEZZLING SCAM, enriching themselves with FIAT government money by lying us into wars, doing mass incarceration, pushing vaxes, etc. "Privatization" is the name of this embezzling scam, also called "public-private partnerships", or even just "for profit" entities, whatever cloaking terms the corrupt socipathic money ADDICTS think will dupe us, along with their other lies and con jobs. Fiat government money is a helluva drug, and the corrupt embezzlers are always chasing more "money fixes" instead of doing their duty to us. They are totally unfit to govern. And they are finalizing the electronic prison to squash us, set up with hundreds of embezzling entities so they get even richer under the guise of "helping the climate" while ensuring we can't rise up to stop their corruption, inhumanity and tyranny. Digital IDs, carbon tracking, ESG, social credit,15-minute cities, etc, all the surveillance, tracking and measuring (and control) systems are "privatized".

3. The Declaration of Independence says it is our DUTY to remove government that is abusive, despotic, interferes with our rights or interferes with our pursuit of happiness.

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That was a great listen. We need more of this, adult conversation with different perspectives but still with respect.

My input, for what it's worth.

I could see both points of view, personally, I was more in align with Don DeBar. Idealistically more with Cindy but I thought there were contradictions/flaws in your argument.

I too would love a better system, unfortunately, I don't see one on the horizon. But even if there were, wouldn't it still be potentially a victim of the same problems? Hypothetically, Let's say person X drew up the perfect Cindy manifesto, as you have experienced in recent years, it doesn't take much for people you/we thought had the same ideals to discover that this can fracture on one single item. Is RFK's position on Israel not the deal breaker for you?

Person X is inevitably going to have something in his manifesto that could be seen as divisive by some. if not most.

Furthermore, how long before Person x becomes the subject of cynicism, no matter how perfect the track record?

I believe we have to temper our idealism with realism. Perfect is never going to happen, it's a case of getting the best we can. At the moment, it is obvious that "best" might be extremely subjective. Cat turd, dog turd or bird shit. Take your pick.

I maybe either too beaten down, too gullible or both. But I'm hoping that RFK, who is nowhere near perfect, can at least at the very least slow the trajectory in the wrong direction. I do not believe this equates to him being the 'lesser of two evils', I hope he is sincere in what he says. This includes warts and all, I.E. Israel. I believe you stated, "Bobby's Truth", and I think that's what it is. But don't we all have our truths and who among us can't claim to have never got it wrong? I know I can't.

I am also the person alluded to, an Independent that has registered Democrat to vote for RFK in the primary. I by no means feel like I have been lured away from my antiestablishment position. I've done it to show my support, as pointless as that may be (which is a whole other argument) but it does not mean I've cashed in my values or that I'll go soft in the head and be "Oh well, while I'm registered, I might as well vote Joe" after they've almost assuredly screwed RFK.

It seems to me, that we (whatever the hell "we" means nowadays) are all too easily fractured. I had an "interesting" exchange on FB last week with someone who was full of vitriol towards RFK because of his Israel position. I asked, "who better then?". I had to repeat the question several times because all I got back was abuse. I never did get an answer. But it seems to me those of us who agree on most matters have all got to shelve our "hill to die on" matters and unite irrespective. Be it for Person X or the next best option. The alternative is the status quo.

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We are not at a revolutionary stage in this country. What may happen is a breaking apart of the country into multiple independent countries. And maybe that is exactly how it should be imo. There are too many diverse interests and loyalties and belief systems to believe we could exist as we are. Kennedy is an idealist but he doesn't see himself as a revolutionary. This argument is like saying ..back in the sixties we should have elected a Black Panther to become president...(I can hear Cindy saying YES!) If we were a country of revolution it would have happened by now. The only possible way the US could remain united and throw away the current players would be to be put in 15 minute cities, have all their spending observed and controlled by the banks and forced to eat ground up cockroaches that look like prime rib...and oh have sex with Tesla robots....hmmmm....the conversation was fun to listen to but meaningless at this point in time. Have it again in 10 years when the WEF vision has claimed the country 100 percent and no one has a gun...I will be dead or senile by then. Have at it...love you Cindy. I agree Cynthia McKinney...110%

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Don Debar is your engineer?

I used to have a lot of love for that guy, even sat in meetings with him organizing against Mayo Giuliani. But he appears to always fall on the side of white pretend privilege in recent years. Some years back, I was on a YouTube thread battle with him that went on for days. I was upset that Cynthia McKinney was blaming LatinX immigrants for black people losing their jobs. Keep in mind, I may have been the hardest working signature taker in NYC and NYS for Cynthia McKinney in 2008. I used to walk around with a picture of Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan hugging (on my phone) saying "cycycycycycycy, Cynthia, cicicicicicici, Cindy" like that guy from the Spike Lee movie with the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King picture "mamamama Malcolm, mamamama, Martin".

In those days, I thought you two could save the world. But so much has happened since. Though I still highly respect Cindy Sheehan, I no longer follow or respect Cynthia McKinney. She's broken my heart in a zillion unrepairable pieces. I have lost life-long friends over her. Bridges that were burnt back in 2008 that can never be repaired, much like the anti-war movement, Cindy Sheehan practically mothered.

And here was Don Debar defending Cynthia at all costs against a LatinX radical who was completely offended by what felt like a direct betrayal from someone I had considered my political leader.

And now Don DeBar comes back with this RFK Jr candidate, regardless of the vast majority of the Left being appalled by his pro-Israeli stance, once again pretending to live in a world where brown people are mere casualties and sacrifices that are made for the bigger picture, when the rest of us know, white supremacy or whites first is not the bigger picture, at all.

Anyhow, that's Don DeBar now.

And all of these former Democrat supporters are now Cornel West supporters. Can they be trusted? They spent 2020 bashing the USGP presidential candidate and interviewing obvious Federal and Mossad agents running as Greens claiming the USGP is corrupt. And then the last GPUS candidate (Hawkins) called Venezuela, Nicaragua and the Cuban elections, undemocratic, regardless of the official USGP reports after they observed those elections and found nothing wrong. Then Hawkins said some other crazy thing that made him lose the last of his support. Oh yeah, he went against the official USGP stance on the Ukraine and Russia war and started pushing for the refusal of peace talks. It's like, who was the pig here? Either the Pentagon is a million steps ahead of humanity, or the Pentagon doesn't even have to lift a finger to ruin the Leftist voting block.

It's a wacky mess, beyond human understanding. So I can understand why Cindy Sheehan, has no faith in electoral politics. I so get that. I just read Mr. Bobs Will Not Go To WashedUp, DeCeit.

But what if Latin America took that attitude? Where would they be today? What if in 2022, Colombia took that perspective and said “when will you ever learn?”, "Elections, especially Federal elections are a mind-fuck, energy drainers, money-pits, and, ultimately, useless."?

Would Duque still be the President of Colombia instead of hiding out in Florida? Would Bolsonaro still be president of Brazil, trashing the Amazon Jungle? Would President Chavez just be some loudmouthed leftist rotting in a Venezuelan prison for a direct action that went sour? Perhaps Evo Morales would be quietly working in a museum about indigenous history and culture, or maybe killed by a right wing paramilitary squad like the many before him. In 2023, we can make this paragraph 5 times as long. Latin American Presidential Administrations are the American Left.

It's not impossible, obviously as we have proof, others like us have achieved the impossible just next door. But is it possible in the US in 2024?

When Cornel West first announced, I was disgusted. I had never forgiven him for his support of Obama in 2008 and his betrayal of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. His betrayal of Palestine and the world. I was still deeply upset about all that in 2023, even though he apologized many years before.

But what I saw was something new. Cornel West instantaneously won the hearts of the USGreens who at that very week were completely done with Hawkins. I saw the former presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, join his campaign planning committee. That meant PSL was also going to vote for him. I saw the love and endorsement he was getting from The People's Party (formally Movement for a People's Party). I had never seen that before! People's Party always hated the USGP. And PSL was always running against the USGP and never collaborated together. But here was Cornel West bringing together all of these former enemies.

Did the North American Leftist voting block finally have a chance at getting 5% of the national vote? At that point, I would say, ABSOLUTELY!!!

For folks who don't know the significance of winning 5% of the national vote: This would allow access to the entire national ballot, including national campaign funds and a mic at the debate stage. This would give Leftist 3rd Parties (if they freaking worked together) a chance to storm the Congress and House. Imagine that.

But then in a span of just two days, Nick Branna completely TRASHED Cornel West in an aggressive rant on Twitter because he didn't like West's political platform. I think he's an agent, but whatever. And the PSL launched their own Presidential Ticket, which I also support. I like Claudia De La Cruz and Karina Garcia. Those are my people. But that united leftist 3rd party voting block is now fractured. Do they have a chance of getting 5% of the national vote now? Sigh...

It feels hopeless. But Cindy Sheehan, I ask you this and bless you for eternity for reading all of this, is it your job to tell us our dreams are hopeless? Or is it your job to help keep these people together, perhaps an online streamed debate (on every single social media network) between Cornel West and Claudia De La Cruz. With a conclusion where we get an umbrella ticket where they are all in the same administration? Where does the Freedom and Peace Party stand in all of this? Why are we not working together?

I know my job, Cindy. But do leftist social media voices know theirs?

Forever yours,


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Cindy. I believe you’ll enjoy this. https://youtu.be/e8_-9bDWaHY?si=oTn22nz82yzK632H

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I demexited early 2017 after 50 years a Democrat. No way will I ever change my NPA (No Party Affiliation) and register again as a Democrat just so I can vote in Florida's closed primary state. There are many things I hear RFK Jr. saying that I appreciate (a long list actually) and wish the DNC and the MSM would quit trying to shut him out and other voices for that matter. Very upsetting the control they wield over the election process. The two things however that would make me very hesitant to vote for him if he made it to the general would be his patronizing rhetoric regarding the Palestinians and even more so his attitude towards Iran which I hear little to no conversations about. He said that Iran absolutely can't have nuclear weapons and he would see to it that they don't. Pleasing Israel again. We see how this worked out for Iraq. Iran has a right to have nuclear weapons and given that both Israel and the US have nukes they need to have them especially as Iran is on the Hit List. This arrogant attitude that the US has the right to dictate to other countries was a major disappointment. I know that RFK indicated he would try to bring peace regarding Israel/Iran but.... I have this very uneasy feeling that even with RFK as President we could wind up going to war with Iran. This feeling would no doubt keep me from voting for him.

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