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won't ever happen...sadly

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War Criminals. Perhaps the worst of all time.

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Holocaust and NOW (series begins tonight)

And this program by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, who I have been most impressed with regarding her comprehension of the parallels to NOW

TRUTH is what REALITY sees when she looks into a mirror. Jon

View this post on the web at


An 85 year old woman became the (first-time) director of a powerful

docuseries. Amazing and powerful. Don’t miss it. This shows that

all of us can create ourselves as warriors to fight the Reset. If

Vera could become a film director, think what you can do!—Meryl

Beginning this Monday, we invite you to witness what may be one of the

most historic docuseries of all time: “Never Again Is Now Global [



Each one-hour segment of the five-part series will premiere

exclusively on CHD.TV [


] from Jan. 30 through Feb. 3, airing nightly at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.

Directed by Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Vera Sharav,

the film features personal stories from fellow survivors and their

descendants detailing the atrocities of a past that was promised 75

years ago never to occur again while drawing parallels to the COVID

policies we’re seeing today.

Outraged voices from historians, educators, doctors, rabbis, activists

and scientists around the world, including Pfizer's former vice

president and chief scientist, are also featured in the series.

Sharav’s documentary dives deep into the forbidden subject of the

early repressive stages under the Nazi regime that culminated in the

Holocaust. The Nazi interventions — the suspension of freedoms,

imposition of lockdowns, coerced medical procedures, and identity

passports — are eerily similar to modern-day dictatorial constraints

on citizens worldwide.

“Never Again Is Now Global [


]” boldly exposes the financial interests and the corporations that

drove the Holocaust. Survivors explain how modern-day companies,

including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, IBM, and conglomerates

like IG Farben, secretly profiteered from the slave labor camps and

industrial genocide.

The 32 participants in the series tell their stories, share their

opinions and sound the alarm with an urgent message: today’s false

narrative, suspension of freedoms, medical dictates and violations of

human rights are reminiscent of the Nazi playbook. But, this time, the

repressive measures are not limited to Jews. Today’s false narrative

targets the entire global population.

Sharav shares the significance of this project:

“The Holocaust was facilitated by mass obedience to authority. Our

survival rests on our willingness to resist oppressive orders. Those

who resisted – by falsifying their identity, by jumping off the trains

to Auschwitz and joining the partisans, had a higher survival rate

than those who obeyed.”

Children’s Health Defense is committed to defending children’s health

and preserving the fundamental rights of all humans. We are honored to

premiere this historical docuseries on CHD.TV [


] and support the courageous activism of Vera Sharav as she shares her

dire warning with the world.

Watch the trailer [


] and mark your calendars now to tune in [


] all next week!

In truth,

The Team at Children’s Health Defense

P.S. Remember to tag us on social media and use the hashtags

#NeverAgainIsNowGlobal #NeverAgain #HumanRights #InformedConsent

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of course I agree. in a viable government all this sewage would be on trial for crimes against humanity

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Well said Cindy! Thanks!

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Multiple Trials of Gates from Charges filed by Lockdown and 'vaccine' victims are an alternative that could bring him and others down. A Case in every State, Province, City, Town, ... leads to Discovery and Depositions and proper Fines and Prison-time ... such may rally masses and become unstoppable. Thousands of counter-attacks at the same time, in short. Please see, Cindy and friends--https://www.ur1light.com/post/bill-gates-debugged-after-24-years-prosecuting-the-most-destructive-person-alive

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As that Unitarian founder once said (in a more convoluted, detailed way so MLK could come along and paraphrase it), the "universe does bend towards justice." And most religious and even secular philosophies contain notions of "reap what you sow," Karma, "what goes around, comes around" or as the CIA calls it "blowback." In most cases it's not possible to see this justice boomerang and heaven knows if it will ever come back to hit Gates of Hell but if you look carefully, you might glimpse it occasionally happening. I've seen a number of these cases now where various newsworthy people who pushed the deadly mRNA shots on others by vindictive and shaming measures, have now met up with a bit of karma: https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/44-year-old-female-vegetarian-msnbc

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Hi Coleen, thanks!

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This is why Hell actually exists for just such monsters as Bill Gates of Hell. I'm absolutely certain that he will get his hellacious Karma back exactly as he dished it out to the population during his pathetic "life". I grieve the day this evil creature was unleashed into this world.

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Short answer: he won't.

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I didn't say that.

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Sorry. I don't claim you said that.

I am saying that that man prepared this very carefully, and he prepared many escape routes, like robbers like to do.

For example we will hear repeated over and over "no one told you to get the experimental shots, you are responsible of your actions based on your own willful ignorance of the risk, and you waived your rights when you signed your informed consent."

What I have wrote is gaslighting on steroids meant to completely break the victims down. As they melt down in hopelessness, the robber king will get away. There are many tricks prepared.

So, what we need for him and his many minions is not a show-trial. We need real justice or things will get worse.

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